Three Marketing "Must Dos" for 2022

If you do nothing else next year to boost sales and generate business leads, address three priorities:

1.    Implement Search Engine Optimization so prospects will easily find you.
2.    Revise your website copy for keywords and phrases so your web copy is relevant to your prospect’s information needs.
3.    Implement a monthly email program to create and define “Top of Mind Awareness” for your company.

If you need help with any of these, Lillian Group Marketing, LLC can help. We are a leading business-to-business marketing  communications firm serving clients nationally and internationally from our location in suburban Chicago. We are an ideal choice to be your marketing agency because:

•    We are experienced in industrial, professional services and event management marketing.
•    We know how to achieve tangible business results for our clients.

But it isn’t enough to take your marketing to next level if you don’t take your business up a notch. As you move forward into 2021, consider how you will make your company or organization more attractive to prospects.

  1. What three things will you do to improve quality?
  2. What three things will you do to improve service?
  3. What three things will you do to justify a price increase?

May I suggest that you throw these challenges at your management team for discussion… more importantly… for action.

For more ideas on how to build your business in 2022, call or email Lillian Group Marketing at 847.682.3592 or reach us: