Branding: Developing an Emotional Connection

Entrepreneurs don’t always take the time to find out what their customers truly want, which is to simply feel good about the product or service they are purchasing. It’s one thing to provide a product that’s in demand or a service that gets the job done. But it is an entirely different proposition to make someone feel good about committing to make an investment or purchase.

How Emotional Branding Works

Emotional branding is the public relations art of making your customer feel good about doing business with you. If your business is an online store, for example, do you take the extra time to send a “thank you” email to your customers? Do you make your website easy for your customers to navigate? Is your website easy to follow–from first hit to “check out?” Take the extra time to do the little things for your customers, and they’ll be more likely to feel good about what you’re selling to them.

Emotional branding has been around since the beginning of sales. It’s about establishing a close working relationship with your customers where you understand what your customers need and having your customers understand you.

Three Questions To Ask Yourself About Branding

To best understand your customers and to best create an intimate emotional connection with them, you should ask yourself three questions about your business.

First, what’s important to the people whom you want to attract to your business?

Second, what are the main concerns of the people you want your business to attract? If you sell car tires, your customers are concerned about their quality, how long they will last, and that you will install them properly. If you can reassure your customers that you can do these things, you will create an emotional branding connection with them and are more likely to make the sale.

Lastly, what do you do to address the concerns of the people you want your business to attract? Do you make sure you only buy tires from reputable suppliers? Do you only offer new tires? Do you only hire certified mechanics to install the tires on customers’ cars? These are all things that you can do to ease customers’ concerns and create an emotional branding connection with them.

Keep Change In Mind

Customer needs change over time. To maintain an emotional connection with your customers, you must change with your customers’ needs. Find out what is important to them, and offer those products and services. Prove you’re a company that meets your customers’ needs and you will connect intimately with them. Customers will keep your brand in mind and feel confident about buying from you. They will be there for you as long as you are there for them.

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