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The Challenge:

Manage all aspects of an inaugural “Cinco De Mayo” trade show designed to showcase prepared foods, canned goods and a variety of ethnic specialties intended for retail, foodservice, wholesale and distribution buyers serving the growing Hispanic market throughout the Chicago metro area. Create an authentic, festive “market” environment within the client’s 95,000 square foot warehouse.

Agency Solution:

An attractive exhibit area was only part of the trade show experience for the hundreds of customers and buyers who attended the show. Using a red, white and green color scheme, visitors entered the warehouse facility and then traveled down an attractive red carpet walkway to “Banner Central” and to the other exhibitor booths.

Besides the exhibit area, a Hispanic/Western look was established for other warehouse locations which created a wonderful business environment for meeting and greeting attendees. A stage area served as the focal point for vocalists and Mariachi band. Theme decor was also introduced at various food serving stations replete with traditional Mexican cuisine.

The first time event exceeded Banner’s business expectations. There were more than 50 suppliers investing in booth space and nearly 500 customers attending the show.

The Client

Banner Wholesale Grocers provides direct access to the most extensive selection of Hispanic brands and food products. The company is extremely proud of its long-standing reputation serving this market. Its innovative marketing and merchandising programs for independently-owned, neighborhood grocery stores and buyers representing multiple chain operations are highly regarded in the food service industry. The company stocks more than 8,000 American products and 3,000 Mexican specialty items.
Lillian Group Banner Wholesale Team

Banner Wholesale Grocers’ company management and staff gather just prior to the start of the company’s first “Cinco De Mayo” trade show held in Chicago. The program was a huge success and future planning is now being evaluated.

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