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Businesses and brands must evolve their marketing communication strategies and media relations tactics to connect with diverse audiences.

The world of PR has changed considerably during the past decade. We understand brands can no longer take a one-size-fits-all approach to public relations, so we tailor our approach, keeping both traditional and new forms of communication in mind.

By integrating a robust social media and influencer relations strategy, we create relevant messaging that guides our media team to target your specific business audiences. Public relations and advertising are at our core, so integrated campaigns come naturally.

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Press Releases

To inform editors about new products, company developments and other newsworthy activities. Key success factors include timing, newsworthiness, key messages and relationship-building with editors and publishers.

Email Campaigns

To maintain a continuing stream of contact with important audiences. Key success factors include useful information, regular readers and the ability to influence decision making.

Media Relations

To identify potential stories and opportunities for commentary or other contributions. Key success factors include understanding information needs, establishing relationships and timing.

Public Speaking

To promote your company’s executives and spokespersons as industry leaders and professional speakers on topics of importance to your industry. Key success factors include speaker platform placement, logistics management and speaker training.

Case Studies

To show how a product or service solved a problem or contributed to profitability. Key success factors include demonstrating a business solution, influencing the decision-making process and instilling customer confidence.

Editorial Services

Put your best word forward with writing and editing services from Lillian Group Marketing. We’ll craft your speeches, white papers, news releases, blog posts, newsletters, video scripts and all your other business writing.

Our Work in Action

Column and Media Placement for TDI Energy Consulting, Lemont, Illinois

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