Cyber Security Strategies Continue to Evolve

Customer trust can be a casualty of uncertain times. However, it is possible to build and maintain trust in a rapidly evolving advertising and design business climate, no matter what 2024 has in store. You already have some powerful tools for ensuring client trust – like reliability and unbeatable customer service – working for you. Look to these trends in cyber security, data privacy, and AI to discover new ways to boost customer trust, detect and reduce online vulnerabilities, monitor markets, and stay competitive in the years ahead.

Although new kinds of attacks make headlines, email and third-party service vulnerabilities will likely remain the most common attack risks. The good news? You can build on your current measures in 2024 to meet current threats and thwart new ones. 

The trend in cyber security is to assume that no email system, social media tools, or website is completely secure. Strong message encryption, user authentication, and robust security policies will be more important than ever this year.

Ensure your employees can spot and thwart scams and phishing attempts on social media platforms as well as email. Make sure they understand what is allowed when using company digital assets, and where to find this information if they have questions.