Don’t Forget the Value of Business Email!

Some businesses believe email is obsolete. Social media marketing may be the hip way to reach new customers, but email still plays a vital role in reaching new customers and retaining current clients.

Some email tips from PureB2B’s whitepaper, Six Email Marketing Questions You’ve Been Dying to Ask Include:

1. When is the best time to send a marketing email?

Tuesdays and Thursdays receive the highest response rates and the earlier in the day you send an email, the better.

2.How do you develop a compelling subject line?

Simplicity is key when crafting subject lines – no more than eight to 10 words and avoid “spammy” words and symbols.

3. How should you organize links within an email?

Design your email message with multiple clickable areas such as the header image, the headline, a call-to-action button or text links within the body of the email. A good rule of thumb is three to four links for every one to two paragraphs.

4. How stylized is too stylized?

Keep it simple. Avoid overly stylized fonts and use alt-tags for images. Always create a text version of your email and always test and then test some more.

5. How often should I send emails?

It depends upon the message. Send out several emails a week if you have the content to support it – just make sure you space out the messages.

6. How long is too long?

Typically one to two paragraphs with five to seven sentences each is best for marketing emails.

So, re-evaluate your email marketing strategies with these questions in mind – again, now is the season to address this business issue.